Finding Jobs and Working Full-Time on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks has long been a prime East Coast vacation destination for vacationers looking for peace and relaxation. The pristine, natural beauty of the Outer Banks has satisfied many a soul and allowed families to make everlasting memories for decades together. It is no surprise that many of those vacationers decide to make the Outer Banks their goal for retirement relocation.

But there is another segment of the Outer Banks community that has determined not to wait for retirement to enjoy the Outer Banks experience year round. These folks live and work on the Outer Banks full-time, driving the economy through the offseason and providing the infrastructure for the tourism season.

Finding full-time employment comes with its own unique set of challenges and benefits. Here are a few pieces of advice that we recommend to those who have determined to find full-time employment on the Outer Banks.

Don’t Wait to Go Full Time

Many folks come here for the seasonal work, fall in love with everything the Outer Banks has to offer, and then find themselves scrambling to find new work in the winter. If you think that you will want to extend your stay on the Outer Banks, start looking for full-time employment immediately! Because of the seasonal nature of our tourism-driven economy, many positions are only available during the summer and shoulder seasons, especially part-time ones. Winter leaves many seasonal employees searching for work, which drives competition sky-high for any jobs that come onto market.

Be Flexible

While the Outer Banks does boast a variety of positions for almost every field, there are simply fewer of them than you would find in a large city. Most businesses are relatively small, and as a result often use one person to fill multiple roles. This often means that you will need to be a little more flexible and creative in building your career path. Jacks of all trades can thrive on the Outer Banks in the small business pool because they can often fill more roles and provide more value to their employers over time. Don’t be afraid to apply for any position that excites you even if you may be slightly under qualified, provided you have some creative ideas for additional ways you can bring value to a small business.

Work Hard!

Oftentimes people who vacation on the Outer Banks will relocate here with visions of endless summers full of surfing, fishing, and beach going. While these activities are an integral part of the local lifestyle, the people who are able to “make it” on the Outer Banks are those who are able to quickly find a balance between work and pleasure. Because of the high cost of living in the area and the relative scarcity of full-time employment for those looking to make a living on the Outer Banks, cutting work to catch that epic break can cost some people their chance to stay on the Outer Banks. Fortunately, for those who understand that this is a “Work Hard, Play Hard” community, a dedicated work ethic will allow them to shine by comparison.